How Much Do Bloggers Make? Much More Than You Think!

I’ve been blogging for over a month but don’t rise up to a 1,000 pageviews yet. I use Pinterest/tailwind and Facebook teams for my marketing. This is really nice, I googled that age old question ‘how many page views to make money’ and didn’t expect to find such a related information. I’m going to have a pop at implementing your Pinterest technique. I’m working at my very first month and simply hit 2,000 pageviews today !

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A. Sell 200 affiliate marketing products at $50 per sale every month. The online marketing possibility could require 25,000-50,000+ monthly site visitors; the consulting option only requires somewhat experience and a gross sales funnel. A content advertising author or freelancer prepared who will assist with your visitor post pipeline. For a brand new blog, all that you simply want is your first five blog posts, a one-page opt-in “freebie,” an e-mail platform and record, and a consulting web page.

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